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Can I just say I was shocked by how many responses I got on my hair extension review. I am so happy it was helpful to so many! I wrote it, because I have had so much bad luck with clip-ins! The hair looks funny, it wont style, the clips wont stay closed, it keeps shedding, they don’t last very long, and the list goes on!!

Three months ago I was in the need to buy a different set of extensions. I like to have extensions in different lenghths, between 18 to 26 inches. I also like sometimes the blonde to be a little lighter than my own natural hair, so it plays out like highlights. Well I was about to order some more Head Kandy extensions, when after googling for some reason Hair Secrets Extensions popped up. I checked them out, and then I looked up a few reviews. I didn’t really see any bad reviews, but I thought they must be a newer company. Otherwise they really live by their name, because I never heard of them!

Anyways, so a con for me was their website! The swatches were really hard to differentiate, compared to other sites I ordered from. A plus is if you send a pic in they will color match for you!! HOWEVER! I am so inpatient! I just ordered the color that I thought would best suit me from the swatches. Well, guess what they were way too light! I probably had to dye these things at least 6 times to get them the right shade. You are probably thinking they shed or got fried or even worse fell apart! None of that happened, they barely shed, and they are as soft as the day I got them! They style well and I just simply love them!

I am not being paid for this! I bought this with my own money! As you can see I don’t have that many subscribers so I’m definitely not being sponsored! I am just giving my honest opinion. To me you can’t lose with these clip in extensions! They are soft, style well, dye well, and the clips are small and stay locked in!!!

They also come in this super duper cute packaging, so much better than the plastic bag they normally come in! Lets talk price! Price is similar to Head Kandy about $206 for 20 inch, but girls they are so worth it!

Whatever brand you buy or if you know a brand I don’t know please share! I am always trying out new extensions.

The carton it comes in :)

The carton it comes in :)

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I’ll post some pics so you can see!