I am me

I have repeated these five things to myself for years in a mirror… I am strong, I am worthy, I am beautiful, I am imperfect and that’s okay, and I am me!

I am strong due to I’ve been through hell and back, I love lost many near and dear to me at a young age, and I know my my weakness and I control it.

I am worthy, it took me a long time to realize that, but I know my worth and will never stop or allow anyone to tell me otherwise.

I am beautiful and no one needs to convince me of that anymore..I’ve dropped the illusion of not enough. Loads of things have been said about my looks good and bad, but all that matters is what I think when I look in the mirror!

I am imperfect! It’s okay to have off days, to get mad, to get a little crazy, or even cry. To show your faults make you all that much more HUMAN!

I am me! When my mother died I thought I was so alone, but I realized years later what my mom was always trying to say to me! You are never alone you have yourself and the memories of the ones that affected your views of yourself making me who I am today. My backbone, my love for people, and so much more are all parts of my mother..she still lives on through me and that comforts me knowing it. The people who have inspired me through out life and the friends that affected my life are all parts of ME. Me is amazing!

Bella Strands Extension Review

I recently was contacted by a company called Bella Strands Extensions. They did send me a set to review. They first sent me a hair ring with all the colors they offer. Though the color in person was a little off which is typical for most extension companies. I ordered the 24 inch. The first set they sent was for another guru with dark brown hair so after waiting for my set I was so excited to get them. They are still a fairly new company so they are working on what works on their product and what they can do better.

I was supposed to make a video, but even after coloring, cutting the wefts they are still so thin so they don’t blend well with my own hair. I do not think they are double wefted which they should be due to I have thinner hair and if it’s not blending well on mine it def won’t on someone with thicker hair. I do think the hair quality is good and curls well. It doesn’t really tangle or stick to your body either . I would say the hair quality is much better than Luxy Hair. The wefts/extensions needs to be thicker!

I do not like the clips and the thread they use to sew them on is much to thick causing the clips to slip and the clips are hard to lock. I think if the company fixes the clips, thread, and hair thickness the company would be def a great place to shop for extensions. They are affordable and great customer service. I am not in the business of lying and always give my honest reviews. I again did not make a video because I am not happy with how they look and being a model IMAGE is everything!


The Wefts/Extensions (hair)

Hair Quality: I would honestly give the hair they use a 9. They style well, dye well, and don’t stick to your body or shed.

Hair texture/thickness: I would give a 4. I ordered the 24 inch and yes the length is great, but they thin out at the bottom. It does not blend well with your own natural hair due to this. I even had my pro-hairstylist try to cut them to blend them in better she also said they are much too thin. I do not feel these are double wefted and they should be! I expect or like the extensions to be just as thick at the top as they are at the bottom.

Clips: I would also give a 4: They are big bulky and don’t snap well or hold well. I prefer smaller clips. The threading they sew them on is also too thick and makes them loosen off easily.

Customer Service: 9 they are very hands on and reply quickly

Cost: Is awesome!

However I would not personally purchase these until they thicken the hair extensions and change the clips and thread they place the clips on with. I am supposed to be a beauty amabassador for Bella Strands but at this time due to the problems I’ve had with the extensions I am not proud of the extensions. I would expect better and hope they take my constructive criticism in the best way to change and grow! I refused to make a video due to the fact how bad and cheap it looks. I’m a model and I don’t want to put out bad photos/videos of myself nor lie to my followers.

Pics below

1st pic is the hair ring they sent me and one of the colors I chose

The second pic is comparing the brand I typically use to their brand as far as clips go… the bellastrands are on bottom and the brand I usually use on top..as you can see the thread they use is much thicker and the clip is cheap..

The last pic shows how it came loose in a week with only wearing them twice. This is due to the thick thread and them putting the thread through too many of the holes and not securing it like the way the typical brand I use does..see the difference in the comparison.

So my overall hope is Bella Strands will change all of these things and put out a great product cause they seem to be a great company with a great attitude



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This Sunday 9 pm cts time TRANSLATION Talk Show via Youtube


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Our first show airs this Sunday Feb. 23, 2014 at 9 pm central time, we will be covering Ageism in the Transsexual Community, we feel it needs addressed big time! Age is so controversial at times in our community! We will be giving our opinion on it for better or for worse! We will also be covering the latest hot topics in the entertainment world including Bruce Jenner and Janet Mock, touching on who we would like to run for president in 2016, and our Oscar choices!


Translation is a show to not only address trans-topics, but we also want to show trans-women have more to say than just about trans-equality. Head Anchor Kelly Pierce hopes to display strong, passionate intelligent trans-woman that are relatable to viewers! Her theory is sometimes you win more people over and open minds when they can see themselves in the person they are watching, instead of constantly preaching who we are!


So get ready for a fun show with a diverse pair of trans-women with intelligence, savvy, and wit! We are ready to entertain you if you let us! Mark your calenders now 2/23/2014 9 pm central time!!!

Make sure to Subscribe http://youtube.com/translationtalkshow


Lots of Love and Luck,


Translation Show

My new Trans-Show Via Youtube called TRANSLATION


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New Trans-Show coming soon to Youtube..Called Translation – The show will be a format like The View. We will cover and educate on transsexual topics, but also want to touch on world news, politics, entertainment news, and more. I feel talking about only trans-issues gets reductive, and would rather focus on the relatability between Trans-People and CIS People. To show we also have different views on politics, religion, sex, fashion, and you may just see your own view in there. I think that’s what opens people’s minds the most when they can see their own thoughts and views within a person. The show will air on Sundays and be an hour long to an hour and 1/2 long show. We will also try to feature trans-singers, cooking segments, outings and more! You can either watch the show live or watch the edited version. The show is to focus on REAL trans-women with REAL Opinions on REAL THINGS..not just on “transsexual life”..I feel sometimes we get too preachy and shove our views down people’s throats at times. The show shall feature Meghan ChavalierJadyn KindellBella Bellucci, Chanel, Myself, and others…We will also feature Gender Therapist, Surgeons, hormone doctors, and trans-activist. The show is focued more on womanhood, unity, and sharing opinions with mature debate if someone disagrees. Again the Show will be live every Sunday on Youtube!


A mock up Banner of the show..



I have started a Trans-Sorority Via Facebook

I started a Transsexual Group Page..THE PURPOSE OF TELTA TELTA TELTA shall be to establish a perpetual bond of friendship among its members, to develop a stronger and more womanly character, to broaden the moral and intellectual life, and to assist its members in every possible way. This will be treated like a real sorority where we are honest, debate like ladies, and learn from one another! This is not a group for negativity, but to empower one another! I do understand there will be fights among girls, but lets keep it classy! We can debate with out name calling! This is where we will talk about boys, sex, share stories, laugh, and more! It’s hopefully a place where all different types of women come together. I want everyone to feel comfortable, but I also want it to be real! This isn’t your typical support group it’s a group to bring the classy ladies I know we all are together! Yet a place where we can accept constructive criticism, get advice, and hopefully grow because of it! The group is a place where girls can talk about boys and joke with one another, but also talk about serious things. I will not put up with harassment, name calling, or any of that jazz. If girls are interested in joining let me know. It is a transsexual only group FYI.Image

An Open Letter To My Transsexual Sisters:


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The last two days I have been in a debate with this girl on a forum whose name is Krissy. Krissy was a crossdresser, but now believes she is a transsexual. I am pleased she found her true self, but I am not pleased that she is expressing transsexuals were once crossdressers.

We as transsexuals may have lived our lives as straight men, gay men, and maybe even dressed feminine before going down the path to transition, but in my opinion we were never crossdressers! The moment you you notice you are dysphoric;  (you know the feeling inside you feel you are the opposite gender you were born and the unending need to expel your true self) you to me are a transsexual! The living as a man and crossdressing was simply a phase on your road to becoming and finding your true self; some will never leave that phase! Maybe due to blocking it out, too scared to change the life they have as a man, loss of family, financial reasons, don’t want it to be TRUE, and the list goes on. I feel my sister’s pain who are going through this! You are still my sisters!

Through my years doing activist work, going to transsexual groups, conventions, working in laser offices, and more, my opinion of transsexuals and the transition cycle has changed immensely. I used to think it was about looking a certain way or doing the proper medical treatment. There was no other way. Transition for me was very cut and dry! I probably felt this way due to I transitioned at twelve, but I didn’t even realize I wasn’t a girl till I was age six. I saw that my niece had something different than what I had while my mom was giving me a bath. My mother explained “You are a boy and she is a girl”. Even then I didn’t want to face that reality of my body. I thought I was just like my niece I can still remember being very upset. I remember putting on my mom’s heels, messing in her makeup, trying on my sister’s clothes, and more. My mother always knew so it was quite easy when I expressed who I am.  It made me believe that everyone just knows right off the bat, doing activist work and actually interacting with other transsexuals I found this not to be true!

Krissy (the girl I was debating with) states being a transsexual is a “BELIEF” you are the opposite gender of what you were born. Where yes I do agree with that, but at first when you are still discovering yourself I believe it’s a feeling, a thought, or a conscious thought telling you something is wrong about your gender! I don’t believe the “belief” comes along till later. It’s hard to believe in something if you can’t pin point what is going on with you in the first place! I have spoken to transsexuals who didn’t even know what a transsexual was or what was going on inside their head. Some thought they were gay, others thought they were going crazy and ignored it, and many knew there was something wrong but didn’t have the slightest clue what to call it!  Krissy I find wants everything to be by text book, which I know many people want that. Actually going out there I have found out everyone’s journey and dysphoria is very different! There is no perfect way and there is no better way! Transition is not a competition, though many girls seem to think it is! Not every girl wants surgeries, some girls can’t do hormones due to health purposes, and the list goes on of differences. I don’t think you can cut and dry a transsexuals journey, but you can cut and dry to say they were never crossdressers!

Transitioning is not about age, beauty, whether you started a family as a man or not, or anything that people like to correlate with why you shouldn’t have transitioned! Transition is about finding the woman you are and bringing it from the inside out!

 I remember the oldest transsexual I met when I worked at a Laser office was Lorie. Lorie was 76 years old having hair removal for her sexual reassignment surgery.  Lorie told me she was worried what I thought of her due to me being so young. I assure Lorie, I didn’t judge her and she was grabbing the bulls by the horn now to be herself! She pressed on though to say, “Kelly I knew I was a transsexual fifty years ago, but I wanted my children and grand-children to be raised before I did anything for myself.
She then proceeded to tell me sometimes she’d wear womens articles or dress up when she had time alone to feel comfort.  She then emplored nervously to me, “Do you think I’m a crossdresser?”  She then proceeded to accuse me, “You probably think I’m an old crossdresser that is bypassing the laws.” I was taken aback she would think I would ever think this, but I got a hold of my tongue and told her “Lorie you were just as much as a woman you were then as you are now, hormones and surgeries are just the physical change, the mental change is the important part! You already knew who you were! It must of taken a lot out of you to be so imprisoned in a body you couldn’t stand waking up everyday knowing you are a woman. I admire you, because I feel your journey was a lot harder than mine ever was! I think living a lie is the hardest thing anyone can do, living your truth is so much easier” This put her at ease, and Lorie is happier than ever! She looks beautiful now and is living her truth everyday with her grandchildren!  This is something I say to people all the time, there is no angst or trial on my part to say I’m a woman, the angst and trial comes from you telling me I am not!  I know the woman I am, I don’t question it!

I also remember being at groups several different “men” came in crying their eyes out like babies, wishing for these feelings inside to go away. They just wanted to be normal, and yet at the same time wished they could live their truth. I was taken aback by this, it really opened my eyes that many know they are transsexual, but they don’t want it to be their truth. Does this make them less than one of us? I don’t feel it does at all. People fool themselves into thinking surgeries and hormones make you more woman than another transsexual or actually living it makes you more woman, but what if corrective surgery and hormone thereapy didn’t exist? We would all be on the same playing field then! Being a transsexual is what happens up stairs! Sex to me is between the ears not the body! Everything we think, feel, believe all happens upstairs! We wouldn’t even know what a MAN or WOMAN was without the ability to think!

 I want my transsexual sisters to know if no one else around you sees you as the woman you are…I DO! I see you! I believe in you and you are just as much a woman to me as I am to myself! I don’t care if you haven’t taken the steps maybe you will one day! I don’t care what any other transsexual, doctor, activist, or people in general say I see you as the woman you are! I know how much that can mean to us! We need this validation; it’s why so many of us use men as a validation crutch. I want to validate you and tell you..You are a woman! You are not a crossdresser..You are not a man…you are a woman!

Lots of Love and Luck,



Feeling silly today


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beauty2 beauty shockedFeeling silly today

I’m having one of those days where I just feel silly!

Don’t mind my roots, my hair stylist takes forever to get me in, I swear she does all the oompa loompas in Chicago before me..if you aren’t sure what I mean by oompa loompas it = bleach blonde hair and orange skin!

I love her though she is the best and does my hair without brassiness..it’s always the Russians and gays that do the best hair!


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